American Law Enforcement Scores Again – This Time Its Football!

As it says on the FIFA website “Britain is the home of football”.  Soccer is a £20 billion global industry, and the UK share of that is £5 billion.  In no other industry can we claim 25% of global GDP. It makes a huge contribution to the British brand.

So when in 2010 England failed to make the cut for the 2018 World Cup, and allegations of corruption began to swirl around the successful Russian bid, you might have expected English law enforcement to take a look. Just a quick peek inside the Augean stable of alleged corruption would have revealed that a pretty big shovel was needed.

Even more so when the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee released a report in 2011 stating that it was “appalled” by allegations – made in evidence to the committee – about the conduct of members of the FIFA Executive Committee during the 2018 World Cup Bid process.  The Committee said the allegations merited a full, urgent and independent investigation.  But nothing happened.

Scroll forward 8 years, however, and it turns out that the Americans, not the English, conducted that investigation.  Yet in the US football ranks only third as a national sport (after baseball and basketball). We should have taken the lead.

Lets hope the voters now start to realise that massive cuts to our law enforcement budgets over the last five years may actually harm the national interest.

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  1. Daniel Machover

     /  May 28, 2015

    I have tweeted your comment.


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