I have been a lawyer for nearly 45 years, and engaged with almost every kind of legal issue.  My main interest these days is criminal and human rights law.  In the past I’ve engaged with employment and regulatory law, companies, trusts, land law, marine construction and the truly mind blowing ecclesiastical court system.   I’ve litigated both in England and the US.

I hate injustice and inefficiency in equal measure, and they so often go hand in hand.  As a nation we ought to be  more suspicious of those who make a living from investigating, prosecuting and judging others.  We definitely should not pay anyone a hefty wage for doing a rubbish job in the criminal justice system.

I don’t believe prisons make people better, in any sense of the word.  We could be kinder, more effective and less spendthrift in dealing  with those who break the law, and yes I have been a victim of many crimes both large and small.

We could in particular abandon our peculiar controls on mood altering drugs.  Many are legally prescribed to over 4 million of our our fellow citizens despite the fact that many become horribly addicted. Meanwhile the police are required to chase and detain 1000s of our fellow citizens who use or supply unlawful mood-altering drugs which in many cases are not particularly addictive.   It is a wasteful and destructive system.

This blog is my little contribution to watching those who watch over us.  Please do feel free to comment.

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